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Turbo Blowers

Maximum Performance Fans

Product Features
  • High Volume Output

  • Low Running Costs

  • Dependable and Compact

  • Long Life

  • Very low maintenance

The Secomak range of Turbo Blowers has been specially developed to deliver maximum performance while ensuring smooth air delivery across the whole of the performance curve. Designed for continuous and virtually maintenance free running, the Turbo Blower can operate in ambient temperatures up to 40°C.
Each Turbo Blower uses a simple belt arrangement and large impeller gives excellent reliability, while its relatively low fan speed ensures longer life. All units come complete with a stainless steel enclosure to reduce noise levels to a minimum. An intake filter is available for clean air applications.
New and enhanced over previous generations, Secomak’s Turbo Blowers have increased volume output by up to 300%. Based on peak output, the Turbo Blower is three times smaller than a conventional fan capable of a similar output. In addition, a more effective silencer has been fitted to the latest design, making it up to 10% quieter.
The Turbo Blower is integrated into many of Secomak's air knife drying systems, but has many other industrial uses, including pneumatic conveying, aeration and vacuum holding and lifting.
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