Product Features
  • PowerGuide Will Dry Cans, Bottles And Jars

  • Revolutionary DryGuide™ Guidance Technology

  • Up To 125,000 cans /hr or 80,000 bottles /hr

  • Quick & Easy Format Changes

  • Wash & Dry When You Add the PowerWash

The PowerGuide is the most complete can drying, bottle drying and jar drying machine available.
Featuring Secomak’s revolutionary DryGuide Technology, the PowerGuide effectively removes moisture from the entire surface of a container, up to industrial drying volumes of 125,000 cans /hr.
DryGuide Technology has been developed utilising over 40 years’ experience of drying containers and is aided by computational fluid dynamics. Unlike conventional air knives, the drying fixtures are integrated within the product guidance system.
Powerguide Can & Bottle Drying
DryGuide Benefits
  • The DryGuide system is fixed in place, ensuring the optimum position for effective container drying.


  • Toolless design minimises change over time between container sizes whilst the design removes operator error.

  • Minimal distance between the DryGuide and container, resulting in an improved performance and a reduction in energy consumption.

The PowerGuide has been designed to be installed on both new and existing lines, featuring;
  • Modular in design, suitable for all types of container drying including; can drying, bottle drying, jar drying, aerosol drying and home and body care pharmaceutical products.
  • Double-hinged gull-wing doors give easy access to each DryGuide and the conveyor for fast product changeover, adjustment and cleaning.
  • Built from stainless steel and food grade plastics, it’s simple to clean and maintain, utilising high quality food-grade materials that are both hygienic and resistant to challenging industrial environments. 
  • Integrated high-pressure centurial fan with IE3 motors and zero compressed air requirements, the PowerGuide is extremely reliable whilst energy efficient.
  • Adaptable to line speeds of up to 80,000 bottles/hr and 125,000 cans/hr. 


Why Is A Dry Container So Important?

Container drying is a critical phase of the production line, impacting on production speed, product quality and wastage. A dry container helps keep the factory running as efficiently as possible.

Secomak’s Drying Machines remove moisture to ensure the following actions can take place without delay:

Container Sleeving or Printing
Date Coding
Inspection and camera systems
Prevention of Rust
Preventing Bacterial Growth
Immediate Packaging
After washing
After cooking by retorts
Pasteurisation, warmers

The PowerGuide offers industrial drying performance, ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak’s expert technical support.

Add Washing With The


  • Rinse and clean complete containers including bottles, cans and jars

  • Remove product overfill and unwanted contaminates 

  • Combine the PowerGuide and PowerWash for the most comprehensive Washing and Drying Solution. 

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