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High Performance Container Drying Tunnel

Product Features
  • Rapid, efficient container drying performance

  • Exclusive DryGuide moisture removal technology

  • Durable, dependable, minimal maintenance

  • Dry Containers including Cans, Bottles, Jars

Container drying is a critical phase of the production line; removing moisture, halting bacterial growth, preventing rust and improving aesthetics. Significantly for a modern production facility, high quality drying also allows the product to be packaged immediately whilst saving space, time and money.

The PowerGuide is the most complete can, bottle and jar drying machine available.

Pioneering Secomak’s exclusive DryGuide technology, the PowerGuide is exceptional at removing moisture from the entire surface of a container. Housing a system of internal air knives, high pressure air is accelerated over the entire product, removing moisture in a single pass and keeping production lines compact. Modular design allows multiple machines to be connected, increasing drying performance further and allowing conveyer speeds to increase. If drying is holding back the speed of production, the PowerGuide can remove this restraint.

Featuring double-hinged gull-wing doors, it’s easy to access the internal air knives and conveyor for product changeover, adjustment and cleaning. Built from stainless steel, it’s incredibly simple to clean and maintain, utilising high quality food-grade materials that are both hygienic and resistant to challenging factory environments. 

Employing a modular design, the PowerGuide is simple to install into an existing production line.

A powerful blower transfers high speed air through a mounted air knife system, is situated in the base of the

There are a choice of power packs from the Secomak range of high velocity blowers fitted with high efficiency motors and drives. Optional vertical tool posts, winding devices, setting systems and digital read outs provide the operator with real power to reduce time and increase reliability during size changes. The special acoustic packs come as standard to reduce noise to legislative levels.

PowerGuide offers ultimate performance, ease-of-use and reliability combined with Secomak backup and technical support.
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