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Gas Sensor System

Gas Pressure Boosting Kits

Product Features
  • Automatic Safety Cut Off

  • Measures Gas Volume in Atmosphere

  • Visual and Audibal Pre-Alarm System

  • Includes Acoustic Enclosure

In compliance IGEM / UP / 2 Edition 3 regulations, Secomak offer a complete Gas Booster Sensor System.

Where an Acoustic Enclosure is required, the Gas Sensor System uses a “Sniffer” sensor combined with a remote via remote control panel, to detect any potential gas leak.

If excess gas is detected, the system uses two stages of pre-alarm warnings, including:
  • Visual - warning lights
  • Audible – siren
If the level of gas continues to rise, the Automatic Safety Cut Off activates to break the electrical supply to the gas safety shut off valve – eliminating any danger.
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