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Duty Standby

Duplex gas pressure system

Product Features
  • Eliminate Downtime

  • Auto-changeover on fault detection

  • Soft-Start function

  • Reduce motor and bearing wear

  • Duplex System

Secomak Gas Boosters are installed at many different locations where it is critical that gas supply is constant, including hotels, hospitals and schools.  A single Gas Booster may be able to reach the desired pressure, however routine maintenance will still require that a booster is powered down periodically whilst a belt or bearing assembly is replaced.

When high pressure gas supply is critical and downtime is not an option, a Duplex Duty Standby System is the solution.

Consisting of two Secomak Gas Boosters (a Duplex system), the Duty Standby System allows the supply of high pressure gas to be shared between them, alternating the load. This means that if maintenance is required, one booster will operate whilst the other is powered down, maintaining a constant supply. It also ensures that in the rare event of a component failure, the fault is immediately detected and the Duty Standby System will automatically transfer the gas supply to the operational unit.  

The Duty Standby kit also includes a separate wall-mounted control panel with 7-day switchover timer, allowing control of both Gas Boosters, as well as the status of both boosters from a single location. Also included are flexibles, anti-vibration mounts, flanges, non-return valves and connection leads.

Secomak Gas Boosters are built to exceed British Standard BS 8487:2007, which recommends that drive belts are changed every year and Bearing Assemblies every five years.
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