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Bottle and Jar Cleaning Station

Product Features
  • Rinse Neck, Shoulder and Under Crown and Screw Seals

  • Remove Corrosive or Contaminated Material

  • Prevent Rust, Bacterial Growth and Discolouration

  • AquaMinder Sensor Cuts Water Usage

Up to 78,000 units p/hour


The Secomak AquaRinse is a bottle and jar cleaning station designed with precise micro nozzles to rinse the neck, shoulder and under crown and screw seals.

The unit is used to wash away the corrosive or contaminated material which adheres to the bottle during processing and can cause rusting, bacterial growth or discolouration of caps if left untreated.

The AquaRinse system can be mounted over existing conveyor for ease of installation and comes with and adjustable mount and guide rails to suit for varying bottle sizes and rapid changeovers. 

The rinse head comprises of 24 counter-facing micro nozzles with full stream adjustment settings. The nozzle heads are positioned to achieve maximum collision on the flue and beneath the cap to ensure all contaminated material is removed.

The unit is controlled by the Secomak AquaMinder, an electronic sensor and control unit which cuts the supply of water when the product is stationary or when gaps appear in the line.



The AquaMinder is an intelligent control system designed to switch off water supply when it is not needed. The Aqua-Minder has been created to be used in conjunction with the Secomak AquaRinse.

By using the AquaMinder with a sensor or linking through to the machine controls, the water supply can be switched off when not needed, reducing water consumption and cost. 

The AquaMinder can be used with a variety of sensors and has an inbuilt timer to control how quickly the unit will respond to the sensor and shut off the supply. The software analyses the sensor to detect both line stoppages and gaps in production and start up is instantaneous once a moving object is sensed again.‚Äč
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Crown, Screw and Jar Screw Caps
  • Cleaning to Prevent Discolouration
  • Cleaning to Prevent Rusting
  • Cleaning to Prevent Bacteria Formation


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