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Secomak Returns To BBC's Inside The Factory: Soft Drinks

BBC's Inside The Factory visited the Ribena factory (Lucozade Ribena Suntory) in Coleford, Gloucester, exploring the processing, bottling and packing requirements before shipping the products to retailers.


At the Ribena factory, over 400 staff work around the clock to produce 25 different soft drinks - Gregg Wallace

Once the blackcurrents are picked from the farm, Thatchers Cider Mill in Somerset step in to support in processing them. But why are Ribena's blackcurrents shipped 200 miles to a seperate facility?

Between September - December every year, they are busy pressing apples for cider. Which means their machinery is available in July, to press blackcurrents! - Gregg Wallace
Secomak Drying On The Thatchers Cider Line
Secomak Drying On The Thatchers Cider Line
Secomak have drying machinery installed across both of these factories.
Mistral V machines which specialise in cap, neck and shoulder drying, are installed on the Lucozade production line in Coleford.
Our full
Full Size Container Drying Machines were also visible on the Thatchers Cider Line in Somerset, drying thousands of cans p/hour.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory employ more than 42,000 people around the world, and are responsible for the following brands:

Lucozade Energy
Lucozade Sport
V Energy
True Nopal

For more information about how Secomak Drying Machines can assist your production line, please contact our sales team.

Top Image © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Ribena Line - PackagingThe Mistral V - Cap, Neck & Shoulder Drying
British Standards and Gas Booster Compliance

Maintenance to British Standards BS8487:2007

Protect your investment. Secomak Gas Boosters are tough and dependable. Maintaining it regularly will ensure that your booster remains reliable for years.

Safety is a critical concern when working with gas, so British Standard 8487:2007 suggests which components must be replaced at regular intervals.   

Once a Year

Replace Drive Belts annually with our approved flat belt. This flat design allows the belt to slip off harmlessly should there be any rotation issues.

Replace Every Five Years

Replace Gas Bearing Assemblies with the approved yellow design every five years. Secomak Bearing Assemblies are sealed for life cartridges complete with Impellor, designed to minimise dust and dirt ingress, minimising heat and friction and simplifying bearing assembly installation.  

Replace Flexible Connectors every five years irrespective of how they appear to be, ensuring a tight seal, whilst minimising vibration and metal fatigue.

Am I complying with British Standards? 

To find out if your Gas Booster is compliant with British Standards, call us with your Secomak Gas Booster serial number. We'll access our manufacturing records and advise you the year of manufacture and the last time the bearing assembly was changed. We keep a wide variety of spare parts in stock to minimise downtime and keep our Gas Boosters running.
Replacement Schedule Once a Year Every 5 Years

Drive Belts


Bearing Assemblies


Flexible Connectors


Secomak Feature On BBC's Inside The Factory

BBC's Inside The Factory visited Molson Coors in Burton upon Trent, to follow the production process of various beers and lagers from raw ingredients, to cans ready for consumption.


Over the next twenty four hours, three million pints of beer will roll off the end of this production line - Gregg Wallace

And Secomak ensure those three million cans are dry enough to pack and store on the same production line, using their their Container Drying Systems, such as the PowerGuide air knife drying machine.
Inside The Factory's investigation helps to highlight what goes on throughout the production process; including brewing, filling, the type of water used and even how the shape of the drinking glass can influence the flavour.

They've been making beer on this site since 1777, and today they knock out six different varieties - Gregg Wallace
Secomak Drying 3 Million Cans A Day
Secomak Drying 3 Million Cans A Day
Some of the brands you may recognise that Molson Coors brew on site include:
Mitchells and Butlers

Producing so many cans creates a lot of problems, requiring that the product be completely dry when it reaches the end of the line, so the product can be packed and shipped straight away. This keeps the line running quickly and smoothly.

Secomak Drying Machines remove moisture to ensure the following actions can take place without delay:
Container Sleeving or Printing
Date Coding
Prevention of Rust
Preventing Bacterial Growth
Immediate Packaging
Safe for Storage or Transportation

When it comes to mass production, drying becomes a critical part of the production line, keeping output high and rejections and stoppages to a minimum.

For more information on the PowerGuide drying solution or any of our other products, please contact our sales team.

Images © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Gregg Wallace - Secomak DryingGregg Wallace Introduces Molson Coors' Production Line
Crown Selects Secomak Drying Solution
Among Secomak's many drying machine installations, a recent project included the Secomak Mistral V crown cap drying product in partnership with Crown. As a manufacturer of crown caps, jar caps, cans and can ends, Crown are pioneers on an international scale. As such, their innovative packaging technology is the ideal partner to Secomak's Drying Solutions.
This particular Mistral V was designed to support Crown and their customer base, specifically jar cap clients who required the prevention of cap corrosion, caused by moisture left on the container following the filling and cleaning stages of production.
Crown's customers operate a multitude of machinery across vast production lines. With operating
speeds of up to 30,000 jars per/hr, these lines have to operate efficiently and reliably, maximising productivity and eliminating downtime wherever possible.
This iteration of the Mistral V is focussed on crown caps, enabling a multitude of special commissioning features which make it incredibly easy for the end user to setup, adjust and ensure optimum performance every time.



There can be no weaknesses in the production process.

On modern productions lines, an efficient drying solution is an essential component, by preventing rust and bacterial growth, whilst enabling immediate date coding and packaging prior to transportation.

Crown have partnered with Secomak to ensure the vast quantities of product their customers produce every day is shipped out in the driest, cleanest and most hygienic state possible. This is a benefit not only by increasing product shelf life and reducing wastage, but also by providing the very highest and safest standards of produce to the end consumer.

Installed across multiple sites around the world, Secomak work closely with their partners and place huge importance on installing the right solution for the line, in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Read more about Secomak's Drying Machines by visiting the Drying Machines section of this website, and learn more about Crown's packaging solutions at
Secomak Mistral V