Fans, Blowers and Heaters

Secomak’s range of Fans, Blowers and Heaters offer the maximum performance, robust build quality and industry leading efficiency.

Built in in the UK by Secomak, the Fans, Blowers and Heaters are primarily used for industrial applications such as
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Accelerate drying using centrifugal fans and blowers, such as ink in industrial printers. 
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Cool components with constant airflow, keeping them in their operating window.
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Hot Air

Hot Air

Heat and direct air using Secomak’s range of Hot Air Fans. 
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Remove dirt, dust, swarf or other deposits using air pressure.
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Apply protective coatings with the help of Ringjets and Airmiser Nozzles.
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Move and separate different materials using exact and consistent pressures
This range of products are extremely versatile, and can be used to dry, cool, heat, sort, shrink, transport, coat and clean.

Some examples of Secomak’s existing applications include

  • Hot Air Fans integrated inside industrial printing machines, supporting rapid drying and directly enabling increased output and efficiency.

  • Heating units installed in industrial Washer/Dryer machines

  • Clusterjets extraction of gasses in hazardous environments using no electricity

  • Conveyers moving material hygienically without physical contact

  • Cleaning and drying of construction material following storage

  • Dust and debris removal from industrial machinery

  • High Velocity Fans removing heat from heat applied carpet backing

  • Various sorting applications 
In hazardous locations, Secomak also provide a range of compressed air products that do not rely on electricity. Remaining stable and safe, Secomak’s Beck products can transport fumes or operate in hot or wet environments.

As experts in air movement technology, Secomak advise, and supply products for any application.