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Cleaning pea grading screens for Pinguin Foods uk

Pinguin - Cleaning Food Screens

Pinguin needed to clear buildup of peas without using mechanical cleaning; preserving the life of their tumbler whilst reducing cost and downtime.
Secomak case study Secomak case study
Pinguin Foods UK, formerly Fisher Frozen Foods, produce frozen vegetable products for the major supermarket retailers.

During the processing of packaging peas they are passed through a large stainless steel tumbler which forces the peas through a grading screen. The screen is made up of progressively larger inlets which sort the peas according to size.

The issue arises when the peas become lodged in the holes and have to be cleared by mechanical scraping. The scraping causes damage to the tumbler which must be replaced at significant cost.
Secomak provided a single air knife system driven by an 84/01 11kW side channel blower. The solution was mounted parallel to the tumbler to dislodge the peas and guide them back in to the drum without any damage.

The solution prevents the need for any mechanical cleaning, significantly reducing the cost of replacements and associated downtime.
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