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Secomak case study Secomak case study the cans have never been this dry! Tim Woodcock
Heineken, one of the leading European brewers, contacted Secomak to specify equipment for the Bulmers canning line in Hereford, UK.

The current machinery was not fully compliant with the L8 code of practice on the management of Legionella. Insufficient spray control was causing atomised water to be blown from the can tops and bases into the open atmosphere and on to the factory floor.

The requirement was for a fully enclosed can base and top drying system which was capable of handling a single lane up to 73,000 cans per hour. Heineken also needed to dry varying sized cans, from 440ml up to 568ml.
Secomak provided a fully enclosed can top and base drying system, driven by a 587 15kW turbo blower and capable of dealing with production speeds up to 80,000 cans per hour.

The solution was provided with quick-set adjustments for rapid changeover of can sizes and a full spray containment enclosure to bring production in line with L8 legislation.

The cans are now dried to within BCME guidelines of 3mg per can, allowing Heineken to significantly improve the quality of coding on the base.
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