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Coating and removing excess adhesive for Bostik

Bostik - Removing Adhesive

Bostik needed to remove excess adhesive PVC tape, particularly improving on their existing inefficient compressed air solution.
Secomak case study Secomak case study
Bostik is a leading manufacturer of adhesive products for the DIY and construction industries. During the production of adhesive tapes the PVC must be passed through a bath of adhesive and any excess must be removed before processing can continue.

Bostik had previously used compressed air nozzles to remove the any excess, which although effective was expensive and inefficient to run.
Secomak developed an air knife system incorporating the 428G 42.2kW high velocity fan and two 200mm aluminium air knives. The air knives are placed above and below the PVC strip directly after the adhesive bath. The set-up was also designed with quick-set adjustments to allow Bostik engineers to adjust the gap between the air knives to account for the thickness of the tape being processed.

The solution ensures a uniform layer of adhesive, minimising wastage and energy consumption while contributing to a higher quality end product.
10: Air Knives

Dry, clean, cool and coat, with Secomak's range of Air Knives. Blower driven and very cost effective, they can increase efficiency by up to 85% vs compressed air.